Milehigh33 (milehigh33) wrote in man_holes,

2nd post

 here are a few more from my collection.............
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Man, what a Great Selection!...
damn fucking nice! i love the first one with the guy putting cum right where it belongs
i admire the size and variety of your collection
yeah what they said!
OK… Why is it that people post stuff like this right when I've got to behave?
Thank you thank you thank you!

It would be hard to say which ones were my favorites... It would be like insulting a pretty butthole to pick one out...

Of course, if you said to pick a couple to actually fuck, I think it would be 3, 4, 7, 10, 12 AND 16 & 17!

Thank you for posting!
Nice! Really nice! really, really fuckin' nice! All are edible, fuckable holes worthy of admiration, but my two favs are the one in the upper right-hand corner with the round butt and the hairy hole, and the one in the lower left-hand corner with the handsome face and his legs in the air, just waiting to get fucked within an inch of his life. ;) Very, very hot!
wow... very nice.

which one is yours?
just the user icon.......:)
any more views of your hotness on here?

damn, that's a fine ass!
there are a few more user icons that show my ass, but that one shows the most
from the looks of your face and ass icons, the rest is every bit as tasty!