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MEN! Show Off Your Most Private Place!
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Pronunciation: 'A-n&s
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, ring, anus; perhaps akin to Old Irish ánne ring: the posterior opening of the alimentary canal. (American/Websters)
**grin** Opening and not exit??

This is a place for men to show off their man-holes. Their anus. Their cracks. Their assholes... Butt holes are wonderful!! We don't get to see them enough! PLEASE be brave and show them off to all of us! We wanna see! Straight, gay, or bi!

Important Information!

So you would like to be a member of man_holes? Good! I am glad to hear it! Not just gay men like them! Women like them too! And you don’t have to be gay to post pics of your anus! Hey, look at all the straight men that posts pics of their penis over at communities like show_your_cock!!!

But there are rules! Besides the ones listed below, you will find a thorough explanation RIGHT HERE!! You may want to read it! If I reject your request, I will guarantee it is because you didn’t read either this page, or the link I provided above!

Because it explains HOW you can become a member. I don’t approve everyone who asks. But it is also rather simple! I don’t turn many people away.

Men, women, gay, bi and straight are ALL welcome!

To view the posts on this community, you must be a member. To be a member of this community:

1) You MUST be 18+ years old and your profile MUST clearly state this information! This does not have to say your actual age, just state that you are 18+.
2) You MUST have a “real” journal! If your journal exists just so you can lurk, I won’t approve you! I want to see a few entries at least! And if your journal is “friends only,” I suggest you friend me! I am water_bear and loves_gay_sex. I also want to know if you are male or female! I won't forbid your membership if you are female, don't worry.
3) All entries are to be set to friends-only, so in order to view them, you must actually join the community. This keeps under aged persons from viewing the pictures!
4) You must be courteous and use an lj-cut where necessary. If you don't know how, consult the FAQ.
5) You may not flame or insult ANY posters. If you do, you will be banned from the community. Any rudeness will get you banned from the community!
6) You must participate! If you don’t post pics, you darn well better comment! If you don’t at least comment once in awhile, after awhile I will just delete your membership.


This community will show photos of the male anus! Such information is presented for purposes of education and meaningful discussion. Please do not read of view this community if you find such topics offensive or if viewing such material would be illegal due to your age or it would violate the community standards of the jurisdiction in which you access Live Journal.

This is NOT a place for women to post pictures of theirs, unless of course, they are posting pics of their boyfriend's/husband's assholes!

Keep this community going! If you don’t, I’ll just delete it! Which would be a crying shame!

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