"Hairy" (loves_gay_sex) wrote in man_holes,

A Request and Thanks

First, I want to say thank you and thank you and thanks again to our members who have posted recently. sexy_satyr, what an obscenely wild picture! Thanks for sharing your hole! And especially kyler19, who has not only posted twice with his own amazing hole, but also posted 25 pictures of his personal favorites, and they were fucking HOT!

Participation is what this community is about. It is a community, and we need our members to be involved. Even if it is as simple as not just lurking and actually making a comment of some kind to the brave souls who are broadcasting their most private and intimate part for us all to see and enjoy (and maybe jack-off to?).

Things have been a little dry around here for months, and I'm not talking about a lack of lube.

We need your participation!

So here is the thing...

Over the next few days I am going to make a list and I am going to check it twice. I am going to freshen up the list of members. I am going to look and everyone who has not either commented or posted SOMETHING in the last 6-months to a year will be deleted.

This is not a child-like tantrum or a hissy-fit or a threat or anything.

This is a REWARD for people who are involved.

And frankly, if you can't even comment and say "thanks for posting" (you don't have to lie and say you like a picture that you don't like, but you can be polite), then why SHOULD you get to look at this community?

Give me ONE good reason, and I'll let you stick around,

Thanks again to kyler19 for getting the balls rolling again, and thanks to sexy_satyr for taking his challenge.

Now let's surprise kyler19 and someone post before he does?

Your Moderator,
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