"Hairy" (loves_gay_sex) wrote in man_holes,

PLEASE READ THIS!!!!! An Important Message From Your Moderator


I am very excited to see that we are getting more activity again in the community! People are beginning to post and people are commenting!


That is what a community is about!

IMPORTANT!!! Remember, participating doesn't mean you have to post a picture of YOUR manhole! It means at the very least commenting once in awhile about stuff that is being posted!

It means also you can post pictures of other men's holes! I KNOW you have a collection on that computer! Post post post!

It means that if you have pictures of your hole, but don't know how to post it, that I will help! I will host the picture and then give you the html code to post them in your post!


I have begun deleting memberships and am about to make another HUGE weeding out again. It takes guts to post a picture of your most private part and when no one will even comment, it anoys the hell out of me. Participate or loose your ability to look at one of the finest God made things on the planet (in LJ). A man's butthole!


If you don’t want your membership deleted, comment here!
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