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A VERY IMPORTANT Message From Your Moderator

This post is specifically designed for you to comment. I will be making some decisions about communities, and YOUR imput will help me make up my mind. You've heard the line about "people have the power?" Stand up and vote? This is your chance...


All right.

I have a rich and full life, and taking time to run a community isn't easy. I work long hours, I am recovering from major surgery, trying to catch up on bills because of that, making many decisions, etc, etc...

When I take time to run a community, it is out of interest and love and a desire to serve that community.

Which is why it sorta pisses me off (pun intended) when weeks at a time go by and hardly ANYONE participates IN that community. There are over 300 members and I'll bet no more than a few dozen participate in ANY way. Very few post, and only a few more than that ever comment on the posts.

I used to write lots of essays for the community on safety, health, techniques, how to find WS partners, how to interest your vanilla partner in more kinky sex, etc, but hardly ANYONE ever said a word. Now I learned a long long long time ago if you are doing something simply for the "thanks" or accolades, then you just better not fu*king do it at all. Do it for the love of it, or don't do it at all.

But it does get disheartening.

SO I learned something else. If you start to loose interst in something, then stop doing it. And that is what I am considering doing.

Since there appears to be no interest in man_holes or water_brothers, I am strongly considering just deleting them, especially in the wake of Strikethrough '07.

I mean, I could get into trouble for running this community! If someone decided to go after me for pornography, they could cause a lot of trouble, and at the very least confiscate my computer and records and make me have to spend a lot of money on legal matters. If I can’t even get people to say, “Hey, nice cock there,” or “Nice butthole, thanks for being brave enough to post your picture,” or “Interesting article, thanks for posting that. I’ve worried about WS and HIV...”

If members won’t even do THAT, then WHY should I continue to work on these communities? I mean, I’ve gotten so annoyed I got a month behind on requests for memberships!

What’s more, people request memberships and don’t even read the rules! They ask to join and don’t POST THEIR AGE on their profile pages! HELLO!


1) Do we have 300 members but only 25 or so of you are even looking? If so, then I am going to start limiting memberships to ONLY those who participate. If there really are a ton of people who look at every post, please tell me why you do not comment. I am curious. It can’t be that you don’t have time, because you have time to look and maybe jerk off, so why not post?

2) I’ve noticed a HELL of a lot of you do not have “real” journals. You’ve created them simple so that you can view communities or read other people’s journals. SO... PLEASE tell me WHY I should let you do that. Give me some reasons. I’m open. I am not an asshole even though I run an asshole community. Give me some reasons why, A) I should let you be a voyeur and only look and never participate, and why, B) I should let someone read or view a community that doesn’t even have one single entry so that I have a place to go and comment so I can ask you a question. You know, something like, “Your age isn’t posted and I can’t approve your membership unless you post your age.” I’ve had to refuse MANY memberships because ages were not posted.

3) WHY do you so many of you not only not even post, but also not even comment? What is the story? Is it fear that someone will figure out who you are if you say, “Nice cock?” That someone will say, “OMG! That person said, “Nice cock,” and his profile says he’s over 18 and has brown hair! That can’t be ANYONE but Bill in Accounting! I am going to tell everyone!!” Is that it? Are you too shy? Give over it! There are hardly any posts anymore because there isn’t any reason to. No one encourages people to do so. If I build up the nerve to post a picture of me naked and pissing or post a picture of my butthole, my most PRIVATE body part and NO one says a fucking thing, WHY should I keep doing it? Are most of our members selfish assholes? I hope not. I don’t want to believe that!

4) Should I limit memberships to ONLY those who have real journals or at least those who have at least one post so there is a place for me to ask them questions? Tell me WHY I shouldn’t do this.

I am going to either, A) delete the communities all together, B) Limit the memberships to only those who participate, or, C) Leave things just they way they are.

It all depends on how you respond to this post.

Please forgive me if this post comes across as bitter and angry. I am not bitter, and while I do have my feather ruffled a tad, I am not angry at all. But I do want to know if anyone is even LOOKING at the community. I think it might be really fun to limit memberships to say, 50 members, that being only those who participate in SOME way. We could be a nice little family that way and get to know each other better and more people might be brave enough to post face pictures that way!

On the other hand, I hate to think that there are people out there who desperately need the community and I exclude them out of ignorance because I don’t realize that there is a damned good reason WHY they don’t participate!

PLEASE let me know. Remember, YOU might be THE person who convinces me to make a particular decision!

Hugs and Pisses,
Your Moderator,
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